Digital magazine plans

Agent Plan

Agent plan is our basic digital magazine with branded cover for Realtors. The other pages inside (20+ pages) will be designed by us and will be updated every month with new content. You also have the option to pick an area for your live market report page.

If you want to embed your magazine into your website, we will provide the code. The URL will be unique for your magazine and you can share it with your network by just sending them your magazine link.

There are add-ons that you can pick along with your magazines like; extra pages, exclusivity etc. which can be found below in this page.

Esclusive Plan

We have a special magazine for each zip code and this version will be exclusive for only 1 Realtor. Same as Agent Plan, cover page will be branded for our exclusive Realtor plus 2 more pages inside which one of them is for your sponsor (Lender, Contractor etc). 

If you bring a sponsor for your magazine, any amount that they are willing to pay for their page will be subsidized from your monthly cost. 

This zip code version comes with 2 pages for stats of that area (city history, housing market stats etc.).

We will run an ongoing ad campaign ($60/mo) in Instagram & Facebook only in that zip code and direct users after clicking on the ad call to action button to zip code website which will be branded to Realtor with a lead generation form.

All the leads from that website will be shared with Realtor.

Our estimate for those campaigns (based on our current running ads) is that each month, we will have 30k-50k impressions and 40-80 ad clicks.

Also with Exclusive plan, we will share our social media library with you which has updated market reports & city histories for all the cities/zip codes in your County plus so many articles and amazing ready contents to post in your social media channels. 

Agent Plan

Active agents
$ 25
  • Branded cover
  • Live market report
  • Unique URL
  • Embed into your website


Dominating agents
$ 75 Monthly
  • Agent plan plus
  • Exclusive for one realtor
  • 2 pages inside
  • Branded charity merchant
  • $30 monthly ad budgets
  • Website + App + lead gen
On Sale


For top producers
  • Exclusive plan plus
  • +5 personalized pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media ads ($150)
  • Automatic add listing
  • No advertisement