Impress your network

With our basic subscription plan, you will get cover page with personalized  design and branded to you completely. You can even pick the name of your magazine. Your intro message and contact info will be placed in inside cover page. Other pages are already designed for your magazine with dynamic digital content like videos and other interactive elements and will be updated every month. You can choose your preferred sharing options such as email, social media etc. 

Scream your Personal Brand!

You need to establish a clear, consistent and memorable Personal Brand! You need to create a brand that screams you… We at Mag In Touch are focused on personal brands for our clients and our magazines have proved to be the greatest tool for that.


Live Housing Market Report

Buyers and sellers want to know: “How’s the market?” With our reports, you can always answer this question with confidence, for any neighborhood and for any price range. One page inside is dedicated to this live report.

Get detailed insights

Find out where your readers click, who they are and what they read with our monthly reports. Your monthly report will be uploaded into your portal  so you can have access 24/7 to all of your reports. 

We design it for you

Except your own pages, all other pages will be designed and updated for you every month. You also have the option to pick the articles inside of your magazine as well as the links you would like to have for video pages.

Share your magazine every where!

Your magazine will ave a unique link. You can share it via email, text and social media. We also provide you the code so you can embed the magazine into your website & a QR code branded to you to share into your print marketing pieces.

Get it for FREE!

Our Agent Plan is free and all you need to do is to keep your magazine views above 500 per month. We will provide you tools and tips to achieve this goal. It is easier than you would think and it will be your own magazine being shared with your network at the end of the day.

Easy & Affordable

‘a la carte’ pricing

All prices are U.S. dollars

Agent Plan

Active agents
  • Exclusive for one realtor
  • Branded cover
  • Live market report
  • Unique URL & App
  • Local engagement plans


Dominating agents
$ 75 Monthly
  • Agent plan plus
  • Branded cover & page #3
  • Free social media content
  • Link in bio
  • Social media ads option
On Sale


For top producers
  • Exclusive plan plus
  • +5 personalized pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media ads ($100)
  • Automatic add listing
  • No advertisement


Custom/Extra Page

$ 50
per page
  • Personalized design for one page in your digital magazine. You can add as many pages as you want

Listing Brochure

$ 75
per listing
  • Promote your listing in a digital flip book with all the info, photos and 3D tour with your branding

Listing brochure

Promote your listings in a digital flip book with all of the property information, photos and 3D tours with your branding. Impress your sellers by presenting their homes professionally in a digital format.  This would be a great tool for your listing appointments.  

You can automate your listing brochures so once a listing goes active, you will receive your digital brochure the same day! 

Digital listing brochures are much better than listing websites and brochures and are much more affordable than any other platform. 

Share it with your network via email, text, QR codes and on your social media platforms. 

*Turnaround time is 24 hours and will stay live as long as your listing is in the market.

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